The Lineage of Thomas Arthur Gebert


Paul Haas "Butsie" GEBERT
George Fredent GEBERT
Margaret "Maggie" HAAS
Frederick GEBERT
Frederick HAAS
Caroline GRIMME

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Florence Marie FEIGERT
Peter Frederick FEIGERT
Frederick M. "Fredsa" FEIGERT
Marie Apollonia "Opelina" KÖHLER

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I would like to thank some people for much of the information contained on the pages. Without their help, it would have been taken us years to accumulate the amount of information I am presenting. I would like to thank my late sister-in-law Julia Snider for the basic tree, the librarians in Huntington of Indiana for getting us past the basic tree, the librarians in Van Wert of Ohio, and Tom Giessler of Van Wert for his information on the newly discovered branch of Peter Frederick Feigert's sister Elizabeth. To the branch of Beth Ann Feigert, 25+ persons have been added due to the hand organized data of Marvin Stewart and the secretarial duties of Christoper Brent Martin in Columbus, Ohio. Other researchers have email me tidbits here and there that helps to expand the datebase, they are Trina Hall of Colorado, William Henry Ream Jr of Ohio, Ken Smith, and Mark A. Wiseman of Ohio.

I hope these web pages provided you with missing information for your tree. I only asked that you will listed us as a source for any information used. If you have any data that we could used, feel free to contact us at

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