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Johann Albrecht TÖPFER


Elise Margaretha GEIGER



Johann Albrecht TÖPFER was born on 24 May 1842 in Veilsdorf/Werra, Germany.

Elise Margaretha GEIGER was born on 25 Sep 1841 in Gellerhauser, Germany.

Johann died on 14 Feb 1914 at the age of 71 in Rodach, Germany.

Elise died on 27 Oct 1932 at the age of 91 in Rodach, Germany.

Children of Johann Albrecht TÖPFER and Elise Margaretha GEIGER were:

i. August Karl TÖPFER


August Karl TÖPFER was born on 5 May 1873 in Holtzhausen, Germany.

Frieda Katharine SIEGLER, daughter of Johann August SIEGLER and Dorothea Luise BÜTTNER, was born on 6 Mar 1880 in Eishausen, Germany.

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August died on 2 Jul 1948 at the age of 75 in Rodach, Germany. He was buried in Rodach, Germany.

Frieda died on 4 Dec 1961 at the age of 81 in Coburg, Germany. She was buried in Rodach, Germany.

Children of August Karl TÖPFER and Frieda Katharine SIEGLER were:

i. Anna Hulda Emmy TÖPFER
ii. Alma Martha TÖPFER


Anna Hulda Emmy TÖPFER was born on 19 Jan 1903 in Rodach, Germany.

Anna was married to Hermann Otto EBERT on 16 Apr 1921 in Rodach, Germany. Hermann Otto EBERT, son of Hermann Georg Michael EBERT and Elise MARTIN, was born on 4 Mar 1898 in Rodach, Germany.

Hermann died on 22 Feb 1937 in Koenigshofen, Germany. He was buried in Koenigshofen, Germany.

Anna Hulda Emmy TÖPFER and Benjamin DECK were married.

Anna died on 3 Feb 1972 in Erlangen, Germany. She was buried in Königshofen, Germany.

Children of Anna Hulda Emmy TÖPFER and Hermann Otto EBERT were:

i. Gottfried Walter Fritz EBERT
ii. Berta Gertrud Ingeborg EBERT
iii. Elfreide Waltraud EBERT

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Alma Martha TÖPFER was born on 18 Mar 1911 in Rodach, Germany.

Alma was married to Erich Kurt THEIN on 7 Sep 1935 in Rodach, Germany. Erich Kurt THEIN, son of Wilhelm THEIN and Dora MORGENROD, was born on 13 Jul 1911 in Rodach, Germany.

Erich died on 14 Dec 1968 in Coburg, Germany.

Alma died on 12 Apr 1995 in a hospital in Coburg, Germany. At the time of death, she was living at 8634 Rodach bei/Coburg on Feldstr. 2.

Children of Alma Martha TÖPFER and Erich Kurt THEIN were:

i. Marianne Herta Hella THEIN


Marianne Herta Hella THEIN was born on 4 Aug 1938 in Rodach, Germany.

She was married to Walter WELACK on 5 Mar 1960 in Rodach, Germany. Walter WELACK, son of Gertrud LOHAHN, was born on 4 Feb 1931 in Sommerfeld, Germany.

Walter died on 11 Oct 1989 at the age of 58 in Rodach, Germany. He was buried in Rodach, Germany.

Marianne died in Jun 1998 at the age of 59 in Coburg, Germany.

Children of Marianne Herta Hella THEIN and Walter WELACK were:

i. Frank WELACK


Frank WELACK was adopted.

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