Oct. 28, 1876
						Palatine, Marion County
						W. Va.

Sunday Night

Dear Brother and Sister
     I feel very little like writing or living but still I will have this trouble to bear.
It was a sad disappointment.  We have been looking for his home this fall.  We had not
heard from him for some time.  He said he would come this fall.  He had made great
promises to us when he came home.  Poor fellow I know he meant to come and do all he said.
But I suppose it was not to be.  You said you wanted a copy of that letter or letters.
I think I and tell you better than I could copy them.  There was 2 long letters
concerning his death.  And what he wanted done with his money and personal effects.  He
gave them my address and willed what he had to me.
     He had 902 dollars and 35 cents on his person.  Besides nearly 3 months wages.  His
wage was $150 a month and $100 for his horse that was shot at the same time he was.  They
sold his personal effects which made the amount on his person with that amount to $1048.05.
I got a check for that amount.  For his wages and the money for his horse I will have to
look to the government.  I will get it in about a month.  Molsby is doing business for me.
He think there will be no trouble.
     I hope there will be no trouble about it.  For if I get it I can take better care of
father.  That is the use he would have me put it to, I know.
     I have tried to write the particulars for I thought you wanted to know.  There was
nothing said about his property at Galatin City.  Of course having no more money on his
person than $902.35 nor papers to show, proves that he had not sold.  We are now trying
to find out something about it by writing to persons out there.  Molsby wrote to the
Lodge at Galatin City.  When we hear I will write you again.
     I told pop I was writing to you and ask what he wanted to tell you.  He said he
didn't know.  I told him to try hard and think of something to say or ask  you.  And all
he said was he would like to know where you were.  So you can see how childish he is.
Not able to work at all nor hasn't worked for 2 years.  And this reminds me that you would
wonder how we got along all this time.  Euruth keeps house and I sew.  Emma Layman and me
are partners in a dress making shop.  We have a little pattern store with it.  Do a right
good business.  Em sends her love to all.
     My light is about to leave me so I will have to close.  I would like to see the
children and you too.  I got a Masonic Manual of Verses with other things.  There was a
leaf of a cottonwood tree he was buried under.  The leaf marks the burial service.  Wasn't
it kind of them to sent it.

					So goodby for this time
					From your sister Sue Brockmire

(Note - Sue died the following June according to Enid Grace Shrum Weinfeld)

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