South Atlantic Ocean
						May 28th, 1902

To Bertha Brockmyer
Noblestown Pa.
Dear Sister Bertha:
     I will try to write you a few lines and let you know how I have been, but as the
boat is rolling so bad I haven't a good place to write.  I don't know what success I will
     We have been twenty eight day out from the mouth of the Miss. river this morning and
it will take two more days more to get to Capetown.
     I don't know just where we will go from there, but it will be Durbin or Port
Elizabeth.  It takes about two days to run from Durbin.  I don't know whether I will come
back on this boat or not.  If they offer me anything worth staying for I might stay for a
     We have had an excellent trip.  The sea has been as smooth as a floor for the last
two days it just looked like a pane of glass, until this morning it is just a little bit
rough, there is some of the finest scenery I ever saw, especially when the sun is rising
or setting.  I have only seen one whale on the trip and it was about three miles from the
boat and we could only see it spouting, but there are any amount of flying fish and sharks.
     We have about sixteen hundred head of horses aboard for the British Army, but I don't
suppose they will need them by the time we get there, I hope not any way.
     Everyone tells me that I am get fat as a pig since I came aboard so you may know how
I have been standing it.
     Hoping everybody is well at home I will close until after I land.

					From your brother John
					J. J. Brockmyer
					Noblestown Pa. U. S. A.

	P. S. It is six o'clock thursday morning and we are at anchor in Table Bay.

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