Uniontown, Pa. 
					March 19th, 1930

To Mrs. Euruth Thompson
309 Mayo Avenue
Clarksburg W. Va.
Dear Aunt Euruth
     I will try and write you a few lines tonight.  I am so lowdown I don't know what
to do.  Since Ora is gone he was sick for more than a year he had a nervous Break down
he worked in a Printing office he was a pressman they worked him day and night for weeks
at a time he worked 22 years at one Place.  His mind got so bad, my da advised me to send
him to Torrance State Hospital.  It is two hours drive from Uniontown.  He was only there
2 weeks and he had parlisis.  Dr said it was due to the Brain trouble.  I don't know what
I will do.  Ray wanted me to go and live with them but you know every one likes their home.
     Lena Hardestey lives about 3 miles from Uniontown.  Ray lives at Washington Pa.  He
has 2 children.  One 11 years and one 2 years old.  Elsie Kelly lives in Pittsburgh with
Mrs. B. B. Howell, the same family she lived with in Uniontown.  I think her address is
Alder Court Apartments, Alder and Emerson St. East Liberty Pa.  Lucy lives in Uniontown.
I hope you are feeling better.

					With love
					Your Niece, Connie B. Maust

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