May 21, 1870
                                         Preston Co. W. Va

Dear Cousin Tilly

     You may have thought ere this perhaps that I have forgotten to write, but I haven't.
I have been so crowded since I have been here that I really have not had time to write.
We have a large territory to ride over, 20 appointments to fill and 2 weeks circuit.  So
you see it keeps us driving ahead.  I am much pleased with the work.  The people generally
are sociable, generous, and kind.  And in fact they do all they can to make us enjoy our
field of labor.
     I love an itinerant life.  I love to labor in my master's vineyard.  I love to do all
I can in his cause.  I love to tell the story of the cross and point sinners to the 
bleeding saint of God and lead them to the fountain that was opened in the house of King
David for sin and uncleanliness.  I am determined to devote my time, my talent, my all, 
to my God and give them devotedly to Him.
     Well Tilly, on my way to my work I passed through your old village, Worthington.  I
stopped a day or two at Lownsville to rest.  Uncle Levi has been sold out and moved to the
     Uncle Tap is now tending to the mill.  I believe I heard of no sickness among those
of your acquaintance.
     Tilly, my love and respect to all of Uncle's family.  Also to John and Mary and Lu
and Sarah.
     Tell Lihu I found the old gum wrapper of great service.  Tell him to write to me.
Also tell Phebe to write.
     Now I will have to close and prepare myself for tomorrow's labor.  I have to preach
three times on the morrow.
     When you draw to the throne of heavenly grace, gather my up on the wings of faith and
lay me at the feet of Jesus, and ask him to bless me and my labor.
     The blessing with which I would bless you with you will find in Number 6th chapter,
24th-25th verses.
     So write soon.  Direct Brandonville, Preston County, W. Va.

                                         I remain your cousin,

                                         C. J. Trippet

Please excuse me for writing with a pencil.

Notes:  believe Lihu is Elihu and Phebe is Phoebe, also note C. J. use one "t" in his name

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