Marion County, W. Va.
                                             June 1, 1873

To John Biard B. and Wife

Dear Brother and Sister

	    As it has bee some time since I have had a letter from you, I thought I would
write to you today.  They have all gone home today so you may know I am lonesome.
I wished this morning I could come to your house.  You can't know how bad I want 
to see little May.  Can she talk?  I think you get her picture taken for me.  Won't
you send it to me?  Why haven't you written for so long, we have had no letter from
you since the one you sent of Arse's.  It is about 8 weeks I think.
 	   Annie wants to know if she owes you a letter.  She says she doesn't think she 
does.  But she would like to know what you think.  And I want to know for certain 
if you are coming home this summer.  I did say I would rather you would wait and come
when Arse comes but I changed my mind.  The reason is that our house is small and cold
and it would be unpleasant for you.  Be certain to come this summer and if Arse comes 
home, Euruth and me will come to your house with him.  We had a letter from him last 
week and he said he would come home before long.
    	And now I will have to close for Kate has come up and she talks so fast that I 
don't know what I am writing.  I ask her what I should tell the baby and she says 
nothing I never seen it.
 			                     So please write soon.

			                      From your sister


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