June 27, 1877
                                             Palatine, Marion County, W. Va.

To John Biard and Tillie Brockmyer

Dear Brother and Sister,

     It is with sorrow that I undertake to write you a few lines to inform you of the
death of our sister.  She died on the 21st of this month.  Last Friday we dispatched for
you twice and wrote one letter before she died.  Have heard nothing from you and don't
know what to make of it.  I have been looking for you on every train or a letter from you.

Our trouble seems almost more than we can bear.  There is only pap and me now and the
house seems very empty.  It seems sometimes that it can't be that Sis is gone never to
come back.  I am sorry now that I wrote you what Doc Lazzel said, but he told us the truth.
He didn't think her a hopeless case.  But the next time he came he had very little hope for

     Biard we have one thing to comfort us, she died trusting in the Lord.  She was willing
to go.  She said she could did contented if she could see Biard and have a talk with him.
Lil and Kate were both at home before she died.  Lil had only been gone about two days when
Sis died.

     Biard Pap is taking it very hard.  He is very old and of course can't look at things
just as we do.  Every thing looks very dark to him.  You spoke in your last two letters of
us coming to live with you.  There is only pap and I.  Sis has a home not made with hands.
If you still want us we will go.  We are just sitting still till we hear from you.

     I thought perhaps the mails had not directed the letters and dispatches right, and I
had better write myself.  Biard, tell Tillie, Sis would have loved to have seen her and
the children.  She had everything planned about the work and the sewing when we went to
live with you.  So you would see a nice time.  But it was not to be.
     I must close for this time.  Biard I hope you will write soon so we will know what
to do.  I didn't think pap would ever get moved with you.  You should come and tend to
things yourself.

My love to Tillie and the children.  Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain your sister,

                                             Euruth Brockmire

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