Fairmount, W. Va.
						June 25, 1877

To John Biard and Tillie Brockmyer

Dear Uncle and Aunt

     I will try once more to get word to you about Sis.  This is twice I have written
to you.  They have sent 3 telegrams to you and Lizzie wrote once.  Sis is dead and
buried.  She died last Thurs. night past at nine o'clock and buried at three on Friday

     She was taken worse on Thursday about 12 o'clock.  She seemed to be asleep for a
few minutes, then she roused up, told them she was dying, had grandfather called and
talked to him and to Euruth.  They sent for me, I went over.  She knew me, told me she
had been to Heaven and that it was a beautiful place.  That she had seen so many she
knew and that she heard them singing.  She was very happy for several hours.  She
shouted and exhorted some of her friends to flee the wrath to come.

     Before she talked to grandfather, Euruth heard her murmur "Home Sweet Home".
I believe Sis is safely housed in Heaven.  She had Mag Wigginton to sing for her.
One piece she sang she said, "Did you ever hear prettier words?"  I have forgotten what
the hymn was called.  One was "Oh Sing to me of Heaven when I am called to die."

     She first said she could not die without seeing you, but before she died she told
me it was alright, though she would like to see you.  She imagined she had been to your
house.  She told me Aunt Tillie was the sweetest woman she had ever seen and the children
were so pretty.  She told grandfather and Euruth they would be happy as birds with you.
I can't tell you half she did say for she talked all afternoon.

     Euruth wants you to come right away for she does not know what to do.  I will close
for this time.  Hoping to see you soon.

						Annie Layman

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