June 30, 1873
						Galatin City, Montana

To John Biard Brockmire at
Burning Springs, W. Va.

Dear Brother

     Yours of the 8th of June is at hand.  Was glad to hear you were well and enjoying
self.  My health is as usual, good.  There is not much sickness here.
     I should like to be back at the Springs on July 4th.  There is not much going on
out here.  On that day there will be races here and a small celebration.  We are going
to have a Fair this fall.  The fairgrounds is about 1 mile from my place.  We have had
2 already but this one will be on a larger scale.
     When I get the report I will send it to you.  That will give you a better idea of
this country.
     I had a letter from home the other day.  They were all well at that time.  My
respects to your family.  There is no photographer in this section, so I can't send the
     No more at this time.  Write soon.

	              				W. Brockmire

Note: this was the last letter from Arse Wilson Brockmire. He died on 2 Aug 1876

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