Sunday, Jan71877		            			Palatine, W. Va.

Dear Brother and Sister

     After a long time I have concluded to write you a letter.
     I have been sick for a week.  Had to have a doctor, something unusual for me.  I
am very much better now.  I will go to the shop in the morning.  Biard you have excited
father by writing that you are coming home this spring.  I hope you will not disappoint
him this time by not coming.  You know he doesn't think like we do.  I was glad that you
talk of coming home.  I would like to see you and have a talk with you.  Tell Tillie I
will write her a letter one of these days.  I would like to see her and the children.
Euruth says to call the baby Ray.  That is a short name and cannot be nicknamed.

Monday, Jan. 8, 1877

     As Sis has stopped writing on account of company coming, to get supper, I will
finish the letter.  When my company comes Sue cooks and I do the cooking when she has
company.  Yesterday was a young laddie and gentleman.  They came about 3 o'clock and
stayed till bedtime.  We were glad to see them for we get lonesome.  For pap resents
any company.
     Tillie I wished we lived close together.  It would be so nice to run in and see you
and Biard and the children.  And have a nice talk.  You have no idea how lonesome it is
with us three.
     As long as I can get anything to read I can do very well.  But I will run out of
something to read.  By the way talking about reading, do you take any books or papers.
If you do I wish you would send me something to read.  I commenced to get up a club for
Petersons magazine but had to give it up.  I took the same books when you and Biard were
here if you remember.  But enough for books and papers for this time.
     Have you had any good sleying snows where you live.  We have had the best kind of
sleying snows here.  It has been snowing all day and is still snowing.  But the worst part
of it is I haven't a sleyride yet.  And if somebody doesn't soon ask me I will get a sled
and ride down the hill and it wouldn't be the first time.  Wee, May, what so you think of
your Auntie now.  If you will come I will take you with me.
     Biard you wanted to know in your last letter where Steve Guthrie lived.  They live
about three miles from Brandenville.  So if your wish to write to them, direct to
Brandonville, Preston Co. and they will get your letter.  Pap was to see them last fall.
Steve's mother is dead and Steve is living on the farm and keeping the old man.
     Biard you spoke of when you and I were at Lils.  We had lots of fun hadn't we.  I
got my feet frozen then and they have never got well.  Sis and me have been to see them
twice since then.  Once when they lived at the Summit and when they lived in Tucker Co.
Tucker is about the roughest Co, I was ever in.  Em and Sis and I went together.  We went
to Rowelsburg on the train and the rest of the way -23 miles- in a road wagon over the
worst road I ever saw.  We stayed 3 weeks and had the best kind of time.
     Well I must stop.  Write soon.  My love to all.
					From your sisters

						Euruth and Sis Brockmire

Note#1:  from John Alexander "Jack" Brockmyer to Enid Grace Shrum Weinfeld:  
         John B. and Family must have been living in Petrolia, Pa. In Butler County, at this
         time.  The baby mentioned in the letter was John James.
Noe#2:   Steve's mother is Elizabeth Brockmire Guthrie

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