316 Laurel St.
						Edgewood, Penna.
						Swissvale Sta.
						Jan. 10, 1929
To Mrs. Euruth Thompson
309 Mayo Ave.
Clarksburg W. Va.

Dear Cousin Euruth & Bertha:
     I suppose Myrtle was home for the holidays and that she is still in Charleston.  I
was so glad to have your card.  Do trust you are all well.  I see you are still living at
309 Mayo.  I so often think of you all and especially more so Xmas times.  I had so many
cards I wanted to send out and to you all too.  But I was more than busy with two Flu
patients.  Foster took it first then Lillian came down with it and too right when I wanted
to do some things for Xmas.
     Lillian was very ill for a week or more.  She kept on at her work when she should
have been in bed.  She was able to start back to work last week.  And I think she is
gaining in strength.
     I am so sorry I have never been able to look your sister up.  We seem so far from
the North Side and I have never been over there.  When we go out with my married daughter
and her husband they always have some place in view.
     But I still hope to get over there and will find her if she is in the same place.  I
hope she is well and getting along good.  We moved from Wilkinsburg out here last Apr. and
like it better here, but it's terrible noisy.  I hope to get back to W. Va. this Summer,
if I do will surely try hard to see you.  My son takes the Daily Exponent and I see many
sad deaths in Clarksburg.  It was dreadfully cold here the first of the week but raining
today.  Mollie and I went into Pittsburgh yesterday shopping.  Things are very much
reduced.  I bought me a winter coat.  I never buy very much until times when things are
lower, then one has to take what they can make do.  It's very inconvenient not to have
money to spend freely, but such is life with many.  I do hope you both are well and can
remain so for a long time.
     With love and ever good wish for your health and happiness, I remain
							Bessie Russell

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