356 Buckhannon Ave.
						Clarksburg  W. Va.
						Feb. 7, 1932

309 Mayo Ave.
Clarksburg W. Va.
My Dear Miss Bertha,

	Every day since I received your letter I have intended to answer but my days seem
to pass so rapidly.  I know how you appreciate every little kindness shown you.  
For I too have sorrow and know how deeply we appreciate our friends in our time of 
need.  God has blessed me with the little talent I have for singing and surely it 
is my fondest desire that I may use it for His service.  I should be mortally 
ashamed to wear the name of Christian and accept pay for singing for anyone and 
most especially from our church where it has been my privilege to serve the past
twenty years.  And for the loving tribute to Aunty Thompson, I'm sure you will 
understand why I am returning your check.
	I trust you are recovering from your recent illness and that you may find comfort
from Him who doeth all things well, in your sorrow.  I hope you will be able to 
attend services again soon.  My kindness regards to you and yours, and anytime I 
can be of service to you in any way please do not hesitate to ask me.
			Most sincerely Jennie Post - Mrs. Harry Post

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