Feb. 5, 1923
						1393 Fayette Ave.
						Uniontown Pa.
Mrs. Uruth Thompson
Clarksburg W. Va.
Dear Aunt Uruth;

     I expect you will be surprised to hear from me but I have thought of writing to you
ever since Xmas.  I thank you for the nice lot of handkerchiefs.  I was up to Aunt
Carrie's yesterday and she had a letter from you so that reminded me that I should write
you.  I hope you are well.  There seems to be so much sickness here.  Now Aunt Carrie is
real well.
     I have not saw Aunt Lena for a while.  She has had a bad cold and has not been to
town for a week or so.  You know they do not live in Uniontown.  But it is just a short
drive and they come in often in their automobile.  I have not saw Aunt Zana since last
summer a year ago.  I did not get over to Preston Co. W. Va. as I usually go every summer.
But last summer my sister Lucy that lives here in town had planned to go the first of
August for the Kelly reunion as we always do and she was taken sick with Diphtheria and
I went to look after her.  And as soon as we were out of quarantine and she was able she
went over to rest up and get strong for a few weeks.  And I went with the lady I live
with to Atlantic City to take care of the little girls.   So I did not get a visit over
there.  Euruth lives over there on the Gusenian Farm.  The others of us all live in Pa.
     Euruth has two girls, Virginia Alice will soon be four years and Elsie Ruth is one
and a half.
     The boys are all married and each has a girl.  Guy lives in Monongahela Pa.  They
have a baby a few months old, Wanda Claire.  Hugh lives near Ligonier Pa.  They have a
little girl going on three, Barbara.  John lives out in the country form town.  Has a
little girl, Eleanor Jean.  And Paul, that is my youngest brother lives near Millwood.
They have a baby, Alice Jane.
     Aunt Jane Kelly still lives on the old home place.  She lives in the old house alone
since Grandma's death.  But Uncle Jack lives just near.  Aunt Jane keeps well and I think
she looks much younger than her age.  She goes over to Euruth's lots and helps her look
after her babies when she has lots of work to do.  You remember Mrs. Lucy Deal.  She has
been a widow for several yeas, has been very sick all winter.  They don't think she will
live very long.  She is with a widowed daughter.  Uncle Spencer Guthrie has much better
health this winter or do you know he had a stroke a year ago last July and has been rather
an invalid since.  The last few months he had been able to get around better.
     Russell, his oldest son lives here in Uniontown.  Has four children and Alice the
oldest daughter living lives near town.  She has six children.  Ruby lives in the same
town as Alice does.  Lee lives in Ohio and Roy lives in Detroit.  There is Grace and
Elizabeth at home.  Aunt Carrie has been going to church.  They have been having a Revival
meeting at her Church, Methodists Protestant for three weeks and I think she has gone
every night.
     Ora has had a bad cold for sometime and don't seem very well.  My cousin Fay Kelly
lived in Clarksburg for a year.  She talked of trying to find you and come to see you but
I expect she never did, as she never said she did.  She has moved to Weston W. Va. now.
She is Uncle Al's daughter.  You know Aunt Ruth has been dead for about four years.  Uncle
Al lives with Clyde.
     I must close for this time.  Write sometime and hope you keep well.  This winter
weather is very cold here tonight.
						With bye
						Jessie Kelly  1393 Fayette St. Uniontown

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