April 18, 1872
                                       Palatine Marion County
                                       W. Va.

Mrs. Tillie Brockmire

Dear Aunt

     As I have never written a letter to you and as no one has written to you for some 
time, I thought I would try to write a few lines.
     We are all well at present and hope you are all well, but I suppose your baby is 
not well.
     Oh!  Aunt Tillie, I am so sorry for you.  To think you have so much trouble.  I 
would like to see your little one so well if it was not that he suffer so.  I could not
bear to see him when he is so bad.
     Aunt Tillie, now please write to me if only to tell me you got this letter and how
your baby is getting and all about him.
     I am writing in the schoolroom, and between hearing what the scholars are saying and
writing fast, I don't suppose you can read this.  Grandpa is as well as common, he does not
word any at all.  
     Sis and Annie are working with Mrs. Dunnington, have been for some time.
     Oh!  Uncle Biard, I was at Auzums Mills about three weeks ago, but I didn't go to the
place where the old house stood that you used to live in.
     There was a show in Fairmount yesterday.  For laughs it was a tolerable good show.  I
went in to the sideshow and circus in the afternoon and to the circus again at night.
There were three tents besides the sideshow.  The first a museum, the second a menagerie,
the third a circus.
     I did not get home till 11 o'clock last night and was so tired I could scarcely walk.
I ought to study my lesson but I want to write so badly that I run the risk of knowing it,
for I can recite all I have this morning without studying them.
     Aunt Tillie please send me one of your pictures and also Uncle Biards in your next
letter and be sure to say they are for me.
     Well I must close hoping to hear from you soon, but rather see you.

                                       I am yours as ever,

                                       Emma Layman

          Mother sends her love.  Write soon.

          The largest of these kisses is for you.  The other is for Uncle.  X. x.

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